Food & Health

As a farm wife, food is one of many topics I focus on in my daily life. I feed food of various forms daily to humans, animals, insects, and even the soils. Before we began to grow and store our own foods, I was unaware of how foods affect the bodies and life cycles of all species of life. As we seek a self-sufficient lifestyle, we are eager to have our own home milk supply. Some of the common home milk suppliers are goats, sheep, and cows. After much research, we have decided a cow would work best for our farmstead; however, the breed of this beauty is yet to be decided.

With learning how foods affect our health, also comes the learning about foods rich in nutrients. I have always liked the quote by Hippocrates:

‘Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.’

This is one reason we choose to use raw milk from cows that graze on grass. Raw milk from cows that graze on grass is one of nature’s perfect foods. You could live on it solely if you had to. Not all raw milk has the same health benefits, though. There is raw milk, which comes from cows kept in confinement. These cows do not get the pleasure of grazing grass, thus their milk does not have the wonderful health benefits. You may be questioning, ‘What kind of health benefits can raw milk have?’ Stay tuned for more on this question. In the meantime, here are just a few diseases that can benefit from the raw milk of pasture grazed cows: heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and allergies.

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