Checked off List

Whew! The list is done. One by one, the list of things to do this past weekend has been completed. It doesn't always go this way. Many times there is not the physical energy to complete the list. Here is what was accomplished this past weekend:

  • 1-Cord firewood. (travel time: 1 hr to wood site, 1 1/2 hrs. cut & load)
  • Stop at antique store: purchased 3 small doilies. (on way back through town)
  • Unload firewood
  • Bring pallet to the woodshed to stack this cord of wood on
  • Harvest remaining potatoes from growing plot.
  • Put water hoses away in shed for winter season
  • Clean sheep stall bedding (note to self: when it rains alot (7" this past week) stall will need new bedding.)
  • Swept barn and moved produce drying table
  • Clean buckets and duck ponds and put away for winter
  • Collect tomatoes in green house that are ripe.
  • Made food for next few days: Crockpot potatoes, Lentil Loaf, Applesauce Cake, Spiced Muffins, flake oats for freezer storage.
  • Cut Hydrangea's to dry
  • Did 2 loads laundry and hung laundry to dry: inside house
  • Wash 7- grain storage buckets (5 gal.) and lids, let air dry
  • Vaccuum house

What a blessing to complete!

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