Harvesting Warmth...

The engine of our old truck hums steadily, as we head west down the highway for another load of firewood. The daylight is just appearing. There are very few vechicles on the road. We are thankful there is no sign of rain this time around. Working in the rain is miserable when it is cold outside. It really tires your body quickly. When firewood cutting season opens, and because we rely on the wood as a means of heating our home, we harvest wood in all weather conditions, if we need to. We always hope the wood cutting season opens early enough, before the cold rains or snow begins to fly.
We arrive at the site and see what looks like a good variety of wood available this time. Douglas fir, Maple, Alder, and what looks like Spruce and Hemlock. We assess the wood, and begin cutting and loading. The sun is beginning to burn off the morning low clouds. We feel the warmth of the sun's rays on our face and backs. Soon we are shedding our winter jackets. Alot of the wood has dry rot. We pick and choose. We work quickly together. One person cutting/splitting, and the other stacking into the back of the truck. Working with each piece of wood is like a jig saw puzzle, fitting them tightly together. To make the trip worth while, we need to fill the truck bed the full length--eight feet and stack upward to four feet.
After two hours, we are back into the truck. The old truck engine moans as we begin the trek back home. Up and down the steep and twisting roads. We are uneasy, and pray for an arrival home without a breakdown. Finally back onto the highway. The truck is carrying considerably more weight, than when we first arrived. It is a slower drive homeward. We reach our driveway, and give Thanks, for the safe delivery, and for the supply of firewood.

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