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Cloth Lined Basket for Roving's

As the days are shorter, so is our time spent outside. Working off our farm during the week, and coming home to darkness, doesn’t allow for much to be done during the weekdays anymore. The ground is too wet to work and nothing is growing except some weeds, like Crab Grass and Chickweed. Our focus shifts to more inside projects. My husband is going to finish wrapping some upper window sills in wood, and begin some of his wood working projects he has wanted to complete. Just this past weekend, I was able to tackle a couple small projects, which have been on my ‘To Do List’ for a while. I made a cloth liner for a basket, that I am using to display some of my roving’s in.

Linen Bags

I also had wanted to make some cloth bags, in which we will use in place of plastic bags. In our quest to lessen our dependence on society, I look at things we use and see where change or savings can be made.

Years ago, we used plastic containers for food left over’s, or carrying lunches to work, or on trips. However, with the studies that have come about on plastics, and their potential for leaching chemicals into your food or drink, we opted to not use plastic storage containers for food or drink anymore. This kind of left a hole in how to transport some types of foods. The cloth bags will be used for things like cookies, muffins, apples, or even for carrying silverware to be used that day. The bags can be washed and reused over and over.

Whole Wheat Bread

We had been out of bread for a couple days, so Saturday, I made 4 loaves of whole wheat bread and 4 whole wheat pizza crust. I froze three of the loaves, and the pizza crust for later use. (sorry no photo of pizza crust... I forgot about taking a photo).

Saturday we also needed to do a couple errands in town. When we go to town on Saturday’s (a once a month trip), we try and make time to stop at the pet supply store, just for this special visit. At this particular pet supply store, they allow our local humane society to bring cats and dogs that are available for adoption, out for the public to see. I've noticed the dogs are more relaxed, not as uptight, and constantly barking as they would be at the shelter. It is easier for someone looking to adopt a dog to get a better feel for the dog (the dog is in a much more natural setting). We try to donate supplies or money when we are able. Last month, we gave several bottles of liquid bleach, paper towels, two large bags of cat litter, non-scented liquid laundry soap, and 2 packs of rubber gloves. The humane society is so grateful for the donations. While we were there, I did spy two cats. However, they did not come home with us… at least not yet. [big grin] ;o)

Dehydrated Apples
What do you do when you have 92 lbs of apples from harvest, and some of the apples (Gravenstein) are not long time keepers? Well…we make our favorite… dehydrated apples.

These are so delicious to eat! Great as a gift, too!

Have a great day!



Shannon said...

I recently discovered your blog and am enjoying so much reading everything.

How do you dehydrate your apples? They look delicious.

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for stopping by and visiting! ;o)

After washing and coring the apples, we slice the apples on an electric food slicer. We do not peel the skins.

We like the dehydrated apples on the thiner side. The dehydrator brand we have is an Excaliber. We have found it to be very helpful in preserving alot of what we grow.

Oh...a warning word...the dehydrated apples...they are addicting to may not be able to stop at a handful. ;o)


Shannon said...

Thanks Kris! I am off to look them over now:)