Why we decided to blog

There is so much to write about, and so many different directions to begin. "Where does one begin?" After heartfelt thought, we settle on the purpose of this blog... an on-line journal to record our progress to our goal. It is a place where our family and friends that live afar, can come to keep in touch, check on what we are doing. It will also be a journal that can be reflected back on, when the days get tiresome, and we question or loose site of the original goal. Change has come slowly, but steadily. It has been three years, that we have been focused on our goal, and there is so much more to learn. It has been alot of hard work to get to where we are. As the end of the growing season is here for 2008, we look at the items listed on the side bar that will sustain us through until next growing season and agree, it is well worth all the tiresome days we have experienced together.
Have a blessed day!

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