The Calm Before the Storm

Another winter view
We are in another winter storm watch right now. Awaiting the next big storm to hit us. It has begun to snow again. The temperature is 20 degrees, with wind beginning to kick up from the North East, 15 mph. Anytime we get NE winds in the winter, they are colder than normal.

For weather information we rely on NOAA. We have found it to be accurate. They are saying winds up to 75 mph out west from us, with 15 inches of snow. NOAA is stressing to not be on the road out west, as there will be blizzard conditions. With the weight of the snow on the tree branches, freezing temperatures, and high winds, they expect the power to go out, and trees to come down across the road. They also say this storm is going to be like one we experienced back in 2003. Power was out for over a week out west. The people who live out in that area are normally prepared. It's a rural area.

We are to get another six inches of snow through the night, here. The storm will pass by Sunday mid-morning, but the cold temperatures will continue.
We are becoming accustom to this weather...I can't believe I am writing that! [grin] We are getting used to the 15 degrees at night, and 20 degrees during the day is pleasant. Even though, we still carry water to the livestock, twice a day, and feeding takes twice as long, I will be sad to see it gone. It has been a challenging past week. We made it through it, and are ready for the next challenging round with nature.


rhonda jean said...

Hello Kim. I've just spent a quiet 15 minutes reading through your blog. It's a delight. I love the photos of your snowbound homestead and the feeling of warmth and cosiness you manage to convey through your writing. I also love your felted sheep.
It does my heart good to know there are younger couples working towards as self reliant life, unsupported by what many believe to be necessary.
I'm going to add you to my list of Christmas blog reading. :- )

Northern Farmer said...

We just had our second Sunday in a row without being able to go to church because of the weather here in Minnesota. Even though the storm has the same amount of punch as last week's storm it seems to be getting easier, unless I'm dreaming :)

God Bless!

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Hi Rhonda Jean!

Thank you for stopping by. Your comments are humbling.

I have been a lurker at your blog for a while, sorry to not have commented. Your site has inspired me. It has such a clean and tidy feel to it. It is refreshing to visit. ;o)

I think I may have fixed the RSS feed...thank you for telling me.

Have a blessed day!

Hi Tom!! Thanks for stopping by! Alot of the churches canceled services around our area, too.

Funny how once you've weathered the storm, the next one doesn't feel too hard.

Blessings your way!