Can we really leave it all behind? Part 1

This is an ongoing topic we like to talk about, since our goal is to be self-sufficient. Our goal has become our whole life—or our lifestyle. It is a vision we share together. It has to be, to reach the goal. I can’t do it alone, and my husband can’t do it alone. We have seen couples, where one person has the desire to live a self-sustainable life, while the other person has an interest, but still dabbles in society’s ways. The result of blending the two different visions, leads to frustration and disappointment for both people.
Breaking the ties that connect us to society’s ways or dependence has not been easy. It has been what we call an ‘unlearning’ process. ‘Unlearning’ what we bought into years ago, that which we believed we needed in order to be happy and successful. What we have found is that this process of ‘unlearning’... takes time. It has taken time to undo and UN-believe what we once accepted over the years as fact. It has taken us a while to begin to live in a way in which we whole-heartedly believe is truthful and good for all life species.
Our daily lives have changed dramatically since we have begun our 'Farmstead Pilgrimage' several years ago. The lifestyle we are flourishing in now, has much more meaning to it. It is simple and peaceful… yet is deep and rich. We both agree to never return back towards the old ways, even as we grow old. We are no longer caught up into what society tells us to have, to be, or to do, in order to be happy and successful.

Have a blessed day!


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