Creative Entertainment...

Being's that we do not have, that which most most of society seeks for entertainment... Television with reception, we create our own form of entertainment. If you were to visit with us, you would find plenty of things to entertain yourself. You would most likely go home, craving rest...and days of sleep. {grin}
Back several years ago, before we purchased our sheep, I had an interest in felting wool. There are some really creative and beautiful things being made with felted wool. Since receiving back my wool from the processor, I decided it was time to try felting it. Most of the time I begin something with the wool, my husband decides he should try it out too. On this occasion, he asked me what I would like made... I told him a natural colored sheep on white back ground.

Felted Sheep: Romney Wool

Below is my first try at felting...

Felted Heart
They were crafted using the dry felting method.

Have a blessed day!

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