Getting some R and R in...

Dk.Coopworth, White Romney, Cotton Candy-Mauch Chunky on bobbin
Happy December 1st! Wow, we can't believe it's already December. The weather certainly isn't showing signs of what we normally are experiencing... there are a few straggling tomatoes in the green house. The winter chill normally has them killed off by October.
After preparing for the family gathering, I am in need of some R and R. However, there were a few items that needed attention this past weekend, before I could settle in for an evening of spinning. Which is what I like to do for R and R.

We moved a group of chickens into our orchard for the winter. They do a great job of preparing the orchard for next year’s harvest. They keep the grass down, eat insects, and they spread the compost for us. We harvested a large quantity of fruit from our small orchard this year. So, we figure we will follow the same procedure as we did last year. We cleaned the green house out of the tomatoes, basil and peppers stalks. We left the celery, parsley, and Rosemary, which will continue to grow through the winter. We also made a few wreaths for some of our customers who have requested them.
On the spinning bobbin, it consists of a mix of colors, dark gray, white, and pink. I had decided to test a few colors and wool types for fun. The dark yarn is Coopworth wool. I had purchased this a while back. Coopworth Sheep were developed in New Zealand during the 50's to 60's, by crossing Romney ewes with Border Leicester rams. Their fleece is one that is sought after by hand spinners. And since I’ve only spun Romney wool, I wanted to try this breed to know what it is like.
The white yarn is from Blossom, one of my ewes; her staple length (aka: length of her wool) when sheared was six inches. Blossom produces wool that is very shimmery and extremely silky… very luscious and was the simplest roving I've ever spun.

I'm sure your thinking why pink? Well, I chose it because of it's cheerfulness. I wanted something bright in color to work with during this winter season. So, I opted for this pink Mauch Chunky called Cotton Candy. It will be great to ply with the natural color yarns. The Mauch Chunky Wool consists of 60% New Zealand Wool and 40% Domestic Wool.
Well, back to some R and R...

Have a Blessed Day!!


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