Winter Harvest from the Field

Purple of Sicily Cauliflower
This was our first year at trying this Purple of Sicily Cauliflower. It was a delight to walk through the rows and see the purple heads peaking though, amongst green foliage, earlier in the growing season. These particular cauliflowers (that were harvested in December) were planted later than we had done before, hoping to harvest during the winter.

After majority of the cauliflower was harvested in the fall, we went back into the field, and pulled the stocks to go into the compost pile. I noticed there were 15 cauliflower plants that had not produced anything yet. They were still growing strong and looked healthy. No disease or predators had taken a liking to the plants, so we left them in ground to see what would happen. We are in a trial and error mode... finding what works and what does not. We used to think when the warmer growing season was over, so was everything we had planted. We had read Eliot Coleman's books, and even had the opportunity to hear him speak at a conference last winter. Inspired by his words, this year we opted to experiment for winter harvest and learn from it. After all, it is part of our goal to supply ourselves with all the foods we can, year round.
The seeds were purchased from Baker Creek Seeds. This company has great personal service. They are friendly and helpful! We highly recommend them. You can find them here.

Have a blessed day!