Winter Harvest from the Field...#2

2008 Brunswick Cabbage
We harvested this cabbage on Christmas Day. As I have mentioned before, we have been working towards growing food to sustain us, year round. This is actually the second cabbage we harvested during the cold and snowy weather we have recently experienced. It is crisp and has great taste.

To many people, this cabbage would most likely not be a concern. After all, it's only a cabbage. Yes, it is only a cabbage, but to someone who is looking to provide for themselves, add this cabbage to potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, and you have a healthy, satisfying, and wholesome meal. It is one meal, that all we had to do, is walk out to our barn, select a few of the ingredients, walk back to the kitchen and prepare. There was no getting into the truck, driving to town, and spending our hard earned money. Cabbage can be used in many ways, fresh, cooked or even fermented. It has become a favorite here.

There are several reasons why this cabbage is of interest to us. One being, we used to drive an hour to get to the nearest food co-op that sold fresh organic produce. It is appears we may not have to do this anymore. The other reason this cabbage harvest is important to us, is that it has affirmed that we will able to harvest fresh winter produce from our field, during the cold months. We will be able to feed ourselves year round now from our land.

The seeds for this Brunswick Cabbage are from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. You can find them here.

We give praises to our Creator.



Shannon said...

How exciting!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

This indeed is a wonderful thing.

One of the ways my husband and I eat cabbage is quarter it up and put in a pot along with chunks of potatoes and chucks of kilbasa. Cover with water and simmer till done.

Enjoy your triumph.

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Thanks Shannon, for the suggestion of another way to eat the cabbage for a meal. Yumm! ;o)