Winter Time 2008

The local radio station has been forecasting snow since last Wednesday. A cold snow storm to blow in, they kept saying. Many of the locals have been skeptical. See, we don't normally get snow this time of year. Snow is normal in January and February, maybe even as late as March... that's when it's to be expected here. I spoke with a relative on the phone the other day who said they had heard, we are in for a winter storm like we had back in 1990. It is to be a cold one.

The wind picked up last night. It was coming in from the NE. When we get winds from the north, we know it's going to be colder than normal, dipping into the teens. Soon, we noticed the white flakes swirling around in the dark of the night. By 4:30am this morning, we had four inches. Nothing to get excited over... we are prepared.

Our first snow of December 2008

Yesterday, we did a few errands in town, and boy what a mad house. We made the mistake of going to town later in the day, than we normally do. I had a few things that needed tending to around our farm, that took the first part of the morning. And I can say, we just are not used to the crowds, or the attitudes of people these days. I will say there certainly isn't any real friendly holiday cheer amongst the people either. People rushing, being pushy...and impatient are a few actions I noticed. I also did note, how sorry I felt for these people being so caught up into this mad rush of what should be a peaceful season. There certainly doesn't seem to be much joy in the way they are going about this season.

As much as I didn't enjoy our quick trip to town to pick up a few home supplies: light bulbs, stick matches, and rechargeable batteries. I came away sad for the people who are caught up into the madness. I also came away with a grateful heart that we are able to live a very plain and simple life. A life that is deep with meaning. Reaping the benefits of our hard work here. Enjoying the simple pleasures that God surrounds us with.

Our last stop was the raw milk dairy. As I stepped out of the diesel truck, I could smell the Jersey cattle, and hear the clinking of the metal head gates. I could see in the barn, the 'girls' (aka: the milking cows) were dinning on some green alfalfa hay. I took a deep breath, and closed my eyes... this is what my life is all about. This way of life... farm life... the slow paced life. I belong in this setting, not the city life. I am so deeply grateful!


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