Another List Completed...

The past weekend was filled with another list of items to complete. The weather was good outside... even some sun. {grin} The temperatures still fluctuated from freezing (into teens) at night to a daytime high of 38 degrees.

I personally used to loath winters (darkness and cold). My husband has always liked winter. However, now our way of life embraces natures ways, and I see a real benefit to the winter season. I definitely welcome it now. In fact, the other day someone asked me, 'Are you ready for spring to get here?' My reply, 'No.' The person looked shocked at my answer. I said, 'I like this cold weather.' For now, I welcome any sunshine with the cold, especially when I have alot of work to do. I love sunshine. I am energized by it. I seem to get twice as much accomplished when the sun is shinning.

I meant to post this list back on Monday, but time never did allow it. I figure better late than never.

  • 1 Cord of firewood harvested: (area opened up after snow melt)
  • Unloaded wood from truck: (begin split and stack some of the wood)
  • Moved chickens in orchard: (moved to another section of the orchard)
  • Moved duck house (house is portable, added new straw for bedding)
  • Cleaned sheep stall
  • Cut several armfuls of Doug Fir branches: (for sheep and goats to browse)
  • Swept barn isle
  • Checked fences: (looking for sharp protruding edges or broken wire, anything animal could get cut or poked on. My sheep tend to rub the fences when they get an itch. Also looking for misc. garbage crows bring in and drop. I have found batteries, tin can lids, twine, bottle caps, reflector lens, golf ball, to name a few)
  • Picked up milk @ dairy
  • Sterilize jars: (for milk storage)
  • Check produce in storage area: (pull spoiled pumpkin, squash, and few apples. Composted spoiled items. I don't feed moldy/rotted items to any livestock, not worth risk of their sickness).
  • Made two loaves of bread
  • Made pie: (blackberry/apple/cranberry)
  • 2-Loads of laundry: (line dried inside house)

Another weekend is here, and already full of tasks waiting to be done. I hope to have a post on Monday. I wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Enjoy!

Blessings, Kris


Shannon said...

Wow you are one busy lady! And you work outside of the home too? Amazing! Keep up the great job.

Let me ask you this....when do you start your vegetable seeds inside? I am going to grow vegetables this year and am a little unsure as to when I should start these seeds.

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Hi Shannon!

I'm glad your going to grow vegetables this year! I look forward to seeing what you've chosen to grow.

I usually begin cold crop seeding at the end of February/beginning of March, inside our green house. Mid April (depending on wheather) for warm weather crops starting.

A general rule is to know the approximate date of the last frost in your area. Count back from that date the number of weeks to determine the suitable starting dates for various crops.

You can also, check with your local county extension office. I used our local extension office alot at first, to help learn about growing in our area.

Hope that helps.
Have a great day!