Can we really leave it all behind...Part 3

Across the kitchen table comes a query from our house guest. "Do you recall how this journey began?" My husbands eyes meet mine across the table. Neither one of us has an immediate reply. It seems so long ago. Had we forgotten? It amazes me how time can pass, and we forget about the beginning.

I recall how at a time, we question daily life. Is this what life is about? It appeared so. It looked like everyone was living this way. A life full of the luxuries that today's society created. A constant striving, coming up empty. A continual consumption of what society said we should have to make our life better, easier, and more fulfilling. There had to be more to life, than this way.

One day we discussed the way we were living. Should we continue down this path of what felt empty? It seemed we just continued to be on a treadmill of buying, buying, working to buy---buying what? Happiness--trying to find something?

We both had always had a desire to homestead. We never told anyone in our families, as we knew they would not think it to be wise. We desired a type of living where you provide for yourself. Living away from close amenities, providing your own heat, food, and even clothing.

We questioned this desire for a self-sustainable way of life, along time. Months. How could it ever work? We had no idea what would be involved in providing for ourselves. Sure we had grown some vegetables, but we never grew enough to last through the winter, and into the next growing season. We had never even started our own plants from seed... we always bought 'starts' of plants at the store. Would we be able to heat our home totally w/o electric heat? Where would we get the firewood, it has become so scares nowadays. There was so much to learn about. We had alot of doubts. After all, we were consumers, not providers for ourselves. We relied heavily on society for everything.

We left the thoughts, the desires in the Lord's hands. If it was to happen, He would bring forth all we needed to do and learn about.

Have a blessed day.


Hedy King said...

Kris, I am new to your blog via "down-to-earth", but I am so impressed by what you are achieving. I know it is a hard road at times, but if you want it, don't give up. All the sacrificing will be worth what you have eventually. Peace of mind. Freedom. And a sense of strength and accomplishment. God gives us the strength and the intelligence, we just have to have the will to do what needs done. Hang in there folks.

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Hi Hedy,

Thanks for reading and for your encouraging comments.

Yes, I agree. God does give the strength and a mind to use. It's up the the person how they choose to use it.

Have a blessed day!

Melissa said...

It's great to see there are like-minded folks among us! You will succeed, I have no doubt!

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for your comment.

Yes, I am amazed at how many people are working towards similar goal. ;o) People are in many different is neat to see.

Have a blessed day!