Can we really leave it all behind...Part 2

As we decided to embark on this personal journey of a self-sustaining way of life, we have had to give up alot of luxuries in which we have found many people in today's society would never think of doing. I sometimes ponder about this journey we are on, it is a special one . I do believe it is only the beginning of something good to come. We know there is so much more we need to learn. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming.

When we first began this adventure, we listed everything we thought we would need to live daily. And then, we listed everything we could live without. These 'lists' are in constant change. Because we came from a consumer based way of thinking, we did not really know what we could 'live without'. As time goes by, the list we made for things we thought we 'had to have', continues to shrink.

What I have come to believe, is this way of life, is a matter of experiencing the 'unknown' (unknown to us). It is taking each day, one by one; experiencing the day, and finding this: your day will continue on, you (most likely) will not die from not having it. You will begin to use your mind and physical body in ways you never dreamed.

We are active in all aspects of living. We are challenged to think and figure things out on our own. (Stay tunded for part three.)

Have a Blessed Day!!! Kris

Photo: Kris heading to barn w/sheep


Kristina said...

I just found your blog via Granny Miller's comment section. I'm so excited to read more!! I don't blog but I love reading about other people and gleaning as much information as I can for our simple life! Happy New Year!

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Happy New Year to you also, Kristina!

I have found some blogs to be a great source of inspiration and help, too. ;o)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!