Can we really leave it all behind...Part 4

Nearly all family and friends who know us have voiced their opinions of our chosen lifestyle. We have been asked why anyone would take on the drudgery of a challenging way of life, especially today, when we have so many comforts and ways to ease our daily lives. Why, especially when you both already have a full time job away from home? Why not wait until your at retirement age to pursue your homesteading venture?

We both will admit, there are plenty of times of feeling like we are over loaded. Energies can be lean. Physical and mental tiredness are not something we are free from. This way of life, a self-sustainable way, requires that the person(s) know about an array of things. To have a variety of skills, be able to problem solve, and have the grit to persevere when times are trying.

Many years before we actually decided to make the change to our new lifestyle, we only had thoughts of 'someday' or 'maybe' we could live self-sustainable/homesteading way of life. It was always a desire and never pursued further. It just did not seem like we could make it work. It seemed unattainable. In any case, I would describe ourselves back then, as programmed by society and our minds dulled.

One day, I read an article about a person who had desired to live a certain way, and made the changes necessary to attain it. One thing that has stuck with me from reading the article was to start living as if we were already living the way we felt led to live. This may not make sense to some people, and to some, they may even think it is wrong. For us, it was how we discovered a way, to begin our journey to live this rewarding way of life.

Initially, we did not have the funds, skills, or knowledge to just go off and cut the strings of dependence on society, and live self-sustainably. It would have been a mistake for us. I imagine people do it, and it can be done, but it was not a way we felt would work for us. We needed tools, equipment, and alot of know how.

We prayed. We waited. Answers for how and where were needed. If it was His Will, open the doors for what we needed for this journey.

Our eyes were soon opened to utilize the land we were on. Learn from it. Work it. Nurture it. We also began change with one or two things at a time inside the home. For starters I chose to begin to make all meals from scratch. We stopped eating out at restaurants, and buying convenience foods. It was also a way we began to save money. From there we would add another item to the change process. We put forth our energies, made thoughtful choices, and soon we could see things begin to change.

This way of life we have thoughtfully chosen to live, has not been easy to grow into. (I write this to those who are thinking about beginning the process. It is not instant, over night success. It takes time.) It is a way of life that we have felt led to live. It has a rhythm that echo's through our hearts, minds and souls. If we would have listened to those that surrounded us with their thoughts, instead of seeking that way which had been placed upon our hearts, we would still be back living in the old, mind numbing way.

Sometimes we as humans make choices that we regret later. My husband and I did not want to look back with regret of not attempting this journey now. We opted for extending ourselves beyond the daily routine. Living a full life. Change could only happen if we began right then, and if it was our Creator's will.

Have a blessed day!


Shannon said...

Oh I so hope you and your husband are happy while living your journey. This post reminds me of a couple of things: it is the journey (day to day things) that is the important thing not the arrival .... and about the book of Job. He had 3 "friends" but they werent the kind of friends that really encouraged him. They tried to underhand Jobs belief in God. Bottom line they were not good friends and were giving out bad advice.

Be careful of those who really are not encouraging you to do the right thing. They tend to take the wind out of your sails.

Keep up the good work and enjoy:)

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Hey Shannon!

Thanks for stopping by! ;o)

Your so right about people taking the 'wind out of your sails'. We've experienced plenty. It is probably why it had taken a while for things to come together.

Thanks again for the encouragement! ;0)

Have a blessed day!! Kris

MissMeliss said...

I think that what you are doing is awesome. Definitely following your hearts and I think that is admirable. That's what people should do! When others tell us how we should live, when our decisions don't affect them... is kind of tough. What works for one doesn't necessarily work for another.

Hedy King said...

Kris, I was thrilled to read your new post. Telling your own story will enlighten others to the reality of leaving it all behind. Bless you. Hedy

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Hi MissMeliss,

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

We have become very aware of not offering our opinions so freely of what someone should and shouldn't do. Family and close friends seem to be the hardest to being open to our change. We are leaving the 'tribe' (if you will). We are no longer 'one of them'. So, some people don't know how to act/react.

We believe just as you stated,
what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for others.

Hi Hedi!

Thanks for your comment!

Yes, we hope others can be encouraged. It also will be good to look back as time goes on, to see where we came from.

Blessings to you both!

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Sorry Hedy... I mispelled your name.

I even looked at it twice to type a 'y' ;o)

Rhonda Jean said...

Hi Kris, this is a wonderfully encouraging post. To live each day the way you wish to live, even when the circumstances are not yet right, is good advice. We started that way too and it worked for us.