Driving on little faith and alot of prayer...

We awoke an hour earlier on this particular Wednesday morning. We knew there were alot of things to accomplish in a short time frame. The winter storms seem to continue to blow in every few days, allowing for just enough rest before the next one. We already had a restless feeling about this day before it began. The added pressure to arrive at a scheduled appointment and reaching work on time, only after the morning chores were accomplished.

Back inside the house, in the early hours after chores, a mug of hot oatmeal was waiting. The soup, which had been made the day before, had been slowly re-heating on the wood stove, and was also now ready to be poured into the thermos for lunch. Finally, we loaded into the truck and were on our way a half hour ahead of schedule. A prayer for safe delivery was said. The main highway had been plowed and there were alot of vehicles on the road. We were surprised by the number of people venturing out. Our appointment was at the automotive repair shop-- it appeared our truck needed a new thermostat.

One evening, a couple weeks ago, we had been waiting for our co-op order to arrive. It was about 7:20p.m. and cold outside. While we waited, we sat in the truck and kept it running, so we could have heat inside the cab. I suddenly felt cold air blowing. Yikes! What could that mean? Glancing at the gages on the dashboard of the truck, everything was reading normal. Next thought was something had sprang a leak. We quickly jumped out to look under the truck to see if fluid could be seen dripping down, my husband opened the hood and could find nothing. What could it mean? Soon, the warm heat began to blow again. Puzzled. Our order arrived and soon we were on our way home. While on the highway, the heat began to blow cold again. All gages were reporting normal. Engine was running fine. We figured this could mean a couple things were going bad...but we did not know which one. The next day, my husband called and talked with the mechanic we use, and from our description of what was happening, the mechanic said it sounded as if our thermostat was bad. If that was the case, it would be a simple, quick fix. However, he couldn't get us in for a week. Alright, we would wait, we still had another vehicle to drive.

So, on this morning plans were made of how and what we would do to accomplish all that needed doing. We ventured out on the road, and kept an eye on the temperature gages. We were a bit wary to make the trek 20 miles to town. After five miles into the drive, the temperature gage began to climb. It continued to climbed just below the 'red zone'. We pulled off the highway and turned the truck off. My husband lifted the hood of the truck to allow the engine to cool down. The temperature outside was 22 degrees. Oh frustration! We called the auto repair shop to say we would be late most likely, as the truck had over heated. The mechanic said if we couldn't get to town, to call again and he would send someone to get us. My husband thanked the mechanic and we again said a prayer of Thanks! (it was a comfort to know someone was willing to extend help if needed).

After what seemed like a half hour of waiting, (it actually was only about 15 minutes) we started the truck again. The temperature gage was in constant flex. We prayed for delivery to reach work in time. We had little faith we would make it. Once reaching the city, there are five stop lights to go through, before arriving to work. Amazingly, we got a green light at each one. We never had to stop and sit in traffic. Again, we gave Thanks!

The mechanic was able to accommodate us with a later appointment that day.

The thermostat was actually ok. The culprit: the radiator. It had a tiny, tiny crack that over a time period, slowly leaked under pressure. The radiator had been replaced only two years earlier with a plastic/aluminum type. Well this time around, we opted for a four core all metal radiator.

Have a blessed day! Kris

2 comments: said...

I discovered your blog today, and couldn't tear myself away until I read it all the way back to the beginning. I am so greatful that you chose to journal your progress and share it with the world. I share your desire to move to a simpler lifestyle and am slowly working my way towards that goal.

Please keep posting, I look forward to your next update!

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Thanks for stopping by, Brandon.

I'm glad you enjoyed reading, and are working towards your goal of a simplier way of life.

This lifesytle does have many benefits.

Have a blessed day!