Helpful ideas to self-sustainable living...

Switching from a lifestyle of dependence on society for all things, to a self-sustaining way of life, takes a bit of time. During this period in transition, there can be times of uncertainty, times of frustration, and many 'unknown' or 'unsettling' feelings of wonder.

Rhonda@Down To Earth, had posted some good ideas to help with living on a limited income. These ideas, as well as the comments she received can also be used for someone preparing to step away from their dependence on society, if that is what you choose, or just money saving ideas.

I came upon Down to Earth, back in April of '08, and have gone there for inspiration to continue on our journey. I have found the journey to self-sustainable living, not such an easy task to change to. It seems as if it should be just cut and dried, stop consuming and start producing your own, but it is not. There is so much to do and know about.

I know my blog post is a bit late in regards to her posting date for 20 Tips for Living on One Income, and Preparing for Coming Year, but I could not let it slip by without a reference to it. This way also, I can come back to it in the future.

Thanks Rhonda, and your readers for their contributing comments. I enjoyed reading and was inspired.


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