A Chance at Life...

The day began early. Cages were prepared. Gathered and waiting were bowls, paper plates, food, distilled water in jugs, polar fleece bedding, cardboard boxes made to mimic dens in the wild... a safe haven.

On this day, two young lives would be added to our homestead, and given opportunity of life. We were early. We waited anxiously to see who would be arriving today. At what seemed a slow pace, the volunteers began to unload the crates. There were nine on this day to choose from. Some were outgoing and very friendly, responding back with a hello. Others were very reserved.

At the end of the isle, sat a shivering young, buff colored male kitten. He appeared to be around six months old. He, however, was not shivering from the cold. He was fearful. I had never seen a cat shake in fear. I knelt down to his level and quietly told him, 'You're a really nice boy'. He stopped shivering, and blinked his eyes at me. I spoke to him again. This time, he got up from his huddled position, and came over to the edge of the cage. He looked at me with eyes of worry.

He was very uncertain of this strange place he had just been put into. No place to hide from the glare of human faces, or the loud voices, and poking fingers of children. I read his ID card. It read: Thumper, a 6 month old, buff colored, neutered male. Reason for surrender: Can't keep. I told a shelter volunteer, 'I'd like to adopt the buff colored kitten'. She took the ID card and began the paper work. I knelt down to this buff colored kitty, at his level, and spoke quietly, telling him while I smiled at him...'You will be OK' ... 'Your a very good boy'...and 'You will really like your new home...You will be safe, and happy, and loved.' His eyes blink and he settles back. His body language seemed to reflect my words... he appeared much more eased.

As I walked around the isle again, I spotted this small black and white kitten. He sat very reserved. I read his ID Card: Sonny, a 6 month old neutered male, picked up by county as stray. His markings were unique, as many black and white cats are. I spoke to him, but he did not respond as the buff colored kitty did. He just looked at me.

I walked the isles again. A large orange and white male cat was very friendly and outgoing. The next cage held a quiet, but tall black cat, who appeared to look like an Abyssinian with its long and lean structure. Still, there was something about the black and white kitten that I was drawn to. The markings perhaps and maybe also the fact that it seemed he was so tiny for six months old. My thoughts were on him. I could read his body language. He was trying his best to be brave and not show really how fearful he was in this unknown territory. I knelt down to his level, and said, 'What a beeauuuutiiiifuulll kitty you are'. His eyes blinked at me. His face soften a bit. That's all it took. I told the shelter volunteer I'd like to adopt this black and white male kitten. Paper work was pulled and processed. I went back over to him and spoke a bit more, telling him similar things I told the buff kitty. I knew inside this small, fear-filled, fragile body was a life just waiting to be given the chance to live.

Have a blessed day!



rhonda jean said...

I love this post. You're a kind hearted woman, Kris, and I'm sure your cats will live long and happy lives with you.

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Hi Rhonda! Thank you for stopping by & for your kind comment. Blessings!

Antonella said...

this is so gentle from you, speaking to them and acknowledging their fears

i just lost my sweet doggie and I'm sure that when the timing is right I'll find some furry friend to love and rescue

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Hi Antonella,
I'm sorry about your sweet dog. Loosing pets is hard for us humans.

One thing is certain, there are many furry friends to rescue and love. They seem to be so grateful.

Best wishes!