Time Brings Forth Change...

Things have changed from the many years ago, when we first moved to this land. Viewpoints, significance, and even our age. Years ago, we lived a life of chasing meaningless things. Life seemed empty. Motivated towards fruitlessness.

The mindset is different these days. We have stepped off the merry go round of consumerism, into a life of self-sufficiency. We look at things differently now. This land we thought would be a place to live out our lives; a forever home. We built and dreamed, never intending to leave. This house we built many years ago, the plans are from a vacation home, one with minimal storage, cathedral ceilings, and lots of windows. The barn was built solely for horses, and never a thought of consideration, for other types of livestock it could house, as we moved forward with time. We can’t forget the time-consuming lawn to mow, or the flower beds, that once took days to keep tidy from the weeds.
Times have changed. Years gone by. We finally see our way in this life. Things of importance to us. We have not remodeled our home, or the barn. We will leave them as is, for the next family to enjoy. We have however, modified the flower beds and lawn, allowing us to keep focus on more self-sustainable matters.
The Spirit can change people, if people are open and yielding. We love this place, and feel blessed for the opportunities given. Learning, growing, and expanding forward. We are somewhat saddened knowing we will be leaving here for an unknown territory. We have stretched the limits of this land, the boundary lines, until we can use no more. We have nurtured the grounds to help replenish; careful not disrupt the delicate eco-system below. We know there is more to this way of life, in which we have been called to live.
We give Thanks.

Have a blessed day, Kris


rhonda jean said...

Lovely post, Kris. I didn't know you were thinking of moving. I hope you blog more about what your thoughts are on the move and where you will go.

rhonda jean said...

Oh, and I meant to tell you your feed is working now. You're being updated on my bloglines.

craftycherry said...

I have just read your post on tingworm and cats. I was a vet nurse BC (before children) and I saw everything. I actually am not personally a fan of vaccination and none of our cats are vaccinated. They had atouch of cat flu when we found them as babies in a poor excuse of a home and nursed them ourselves. They are the healthiest, most radiant happy cats youve ever seen. I do vaccinate our dog for parvo because it is everywhere and it is a killer but only as a pup. Some would say that this is not how it should be done and I want to stress that I am not talking from a veterinaroan frame of mind but of my own. Animals do respond well to holistic treatment because they are closer to the earth, more spiritual if you will they still work with instincts and arnt removed from it as us humans have become. This is why I think that quite often people dont respond the same way to natural treatments as they ought to. Just my opinion. We had a local SPCA inspector years ago who would put down all kittens and cats she found if they had ringworm, no ifs or buts.It was incredible...and I hated it. She doesnt know it but one of her unwanted was secreted home for me and lived healthily until her time came to go a long time later.
It seems to me as if the worlds doctors want to vaccinate our children against everything now, perhaps Id better not get started on that....@!!@!!
Take care

Shannon said...

Am I understanding that you will be leaving your homestead? I so enjoy reading your blog:)

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Hi Rhonda,

Thank You. Yes, we are working towards a move. I will continue to blog about our progress towards the move and becoming more self-sustainable.

Thanks for stopping by.

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Hi Cherry,

I believe we have similar thoughts on alot of topics. {grin} Being a vet nurse is tough! I couldn't do it. My hats off to you.

It is tough to go against what medical professionals say to do. I always come away second guessing my thoughts, when I should not be.

Have a great day!

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...


Yes, the plans are to move. Not sure yet when. (due to economy). You can still read the blog, as 'A Farmstead Pilgrimage' is bascially about our move away from consumerism, to self-sufficiency.

We have a small homestead here, but we are limited on what we can here. We feel strongly our Heavenly Father is preparing us for farming on a larger scale.

Have a great day!

Shannon said...

Hi Kris...I am so glad to hear that the move would be towards working your self-sufficiency goal on a larger scale. It seams from the pictures that your current homestead is large so you must want something much much bigger. Wow! Please continue to blog as I so enjoy your adventures and thoughts about things.

Take care:)