A heartfelt view... of brotherly love

NOTE: The following is written as I observed it. The occurrence was the last official day of winter (3/19/09). I wrote this for my remembrance. What took place moved me.

We arrive home after work, and begin the evening chores. The daylight remains for another hour. The sun continues to share its warmth, bringing forth physical energies that once felt depleted after a day's work, at our off farm job. It is another cold winter day here. Warm water is carried to the livestock before the night temperatures drop low. My husband receives a troubling phone call. Quickly we finish the chores. We are back in the truck, and are heading for the hospital. The drive is silent between us. Our thoughts wonder, but we seek to be optimistic, leaning our hearts toward the Lord's will, as painful as it might be.

Crab Apple Tree, Late February Snow, 2009

We arrive and find the small, dark room. The out side's radiance is trying it's best to appear through the covered window. Through the dusky light, we see my husband's youngest brother at the side of the bed. Eyes greet each other in silence. My husband walks to the bedside and looks down at his other brother lying in the bed, and quietly says, 'Hey, how are you?' The talk is quiet among the three. Encouraging words are spoken, with attempts to lift the spirit of the one who has fallen ill.

Two siblings stand on each side of the hospital bed. The three brothers, bonded for life. They are each good and caring souls. All walk a different path. They have helped each other, in their own unique ways. The support they have been able to offer throughout their lives, has been genuine. Nothing expected back, just good old fashioned brotherly love.

I see the uncertainty that covers the faces of the two brothers, as they walk away from the bed. They do their best to be hopeful, but it is hard to shake the unknown. Unsure of the outcome, this brother's recovery is in the Creator's hands.

Blessings, Kris


Scottie and Patty said...

Found your blog through another one I follow. Awesome writing! You have a gift. I felt as if I were there. You made a really bad situation seem hopeful. I could see the scene as if I were in the room. Be blessed and may God bless your brother-in-law

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Thank you for your kind and humbling comment. ;o)

Hedy King said...

Hope your brother-in-law and your husband are doing well. Siblings are our closest kin.

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Thank You Hedy for your kind thoughts.

In today's society, it appears to me, 'sincere relationships' are something of the past.

Have a great day!