Frustration from the outside world...what does one do?

When we first moved to this land, it was bare and open. No trees, nothing.
The land was everything we wanted at the time, flat and open, with irrigation. It was great for our horses. However, one thing we did not really like was that it felt too close to neighbor's, but the price was in the area of what we could afford. We figured the closeness to neighbor's could be fixed with the planting of Doug Fir trees around the perimeter of our land, blocking out our view of the neighboring houses, and blocking the strong winds from hitting our house in that direction. My husband planted 300 trees. As they grew, we were able to create a private oasis, and protect our house from the high winds.

The above photo is of our trees and road frontage, (and Riley, who seems to always appear in some photos). We keep the front grass strip easement mowed.

The photo to the right is our west fence line with the Doug Fir trees, next to the irrigation ditch. Our property line goes down the center of the irrigation ditch. The fence line sits back away from the ditch. It is an area we dump weeds or grass clippings, or certain poisonous plants (poisonous to the livestock). We also keep the grass and weeds cut back along this area of our property during the growing season.

Tuesday after work, we came home to find this:

The irrigation ditch company took the easy way out and burned the six foot tall winter killed Canary grass that grows along the ditch line. The fall out from the burn, (the ash) had drifted up and into the trees, and down to our barn. Our barn sits 170 feet from the ditch line. The heat from the burning, scorched the trees along the fence line, covered our truck in ash, and in one spot, burned into our pasture.

I mention they took the 'easy way out', as they should have just cut the grass with a brush cutter. That is how they have done it always in the past.

We did not know they were going to burn the grass. If we would have been notified, we would have cut the whole length of our ditch line ourselves (over 300'), to avoid damage from the burning.

There is nothing that can be done to save the trees. Today, I noticed the branches have begun turning brown and the needles are falling off.

I have a call into the ditch company tonight, and left a message for a returned call to me or my husband tomorrow at work, but I think it's a waste of time. What can they do to fix the damage?

All we can do is pray that the trees do not die off further. It is frustrating.

Have a blessed day,

NOTE on 4/10/09: After writing and posting this-- After resting our bodies and minds-- And most importantly, after bringing this to the Heavenly Father, we feel strongly our land and home have been spared from the fire causing more damamage. Fire is something that is spooky to deal with, and can quickly get out of control.

And so in this morning's devotion, we were lead to Psalm 121:1-2. We lift our eyes to the the Father, rejoice for His protection, and are reminded once again, that we do not walk through this life alone. ~Happy Good Friday!~


Hedy King said...

How wonderful is your faith that you can turn this unnecessary act over to our Lord. Your search for the positive blessing here is inspiring. God Bless you both.
Hedy King

L.Howerter said...

Trees are very strong. They respond well to positive energy, so send all the positive energy you possibly can in their direction. They will most likely come out of it perfectly.. with only a couple of minor scars :)

Linda said...

Thank you for sharing this. It is encouraging to hear how your faith has allowed God to bless you even in adversity. It is not always easy to turn such situations over to Him, but it is the best way to deal with life, isn't it? I'm looking forward to reading your blog often.

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

It has been a week now, and all the branches that were burned, are brown and dead. Doug Fir trees are very hardy and can take some abuse.

One of the hardest parts is seeing the damage that was done because of carelessness to private property.

Thank you both, for your thoughts and comments.


A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Sorry Linda, I commented on an older comment 'before' I checked for new comments.

Yes, it is the best to turn the situation over to the Lord. It is not always easy to do, though.

Thank you for stopping by and commenting.