A glimpse at the beginning...

It felt too soon to begin. In my mind, it was not good timing; another task to add to my already overly busy days. I had always imagined when we were living 'there', on the land, the land that would sustain us, then I would begin the blog.

Last year was one of our toughest years in working towards our goal. We were shown that this journey we are on, is being guided. The Heavenly Father made his presence known, time and time again.

I had been a blog reader for many years, previous to starting this blog. I always said to my husband, "Someday when we move and get our farm business going, I will start the farmstead blog." We felt it would be a way to connect with long distant friends and relatives, and share the process, 'after' all the awkward learning and figuring out 'how to' was solved. Last September the Heavenly Father presented 'His' plan.

A class came up at our local community college, we felt would be helpful in our quest, to start our farmstead business. I agreed to be 'the one' to sign up and attend the ten week evening class. After attending the first class, I learned the students were required to start a blog. I had no previous idea it would be required. My first thoughts were, "Oh No...Not now Lord. I don't think the timing is right. What am I going to write about? Am I going to have time to do this? You can see how busy things are for me/us."

After seeking the Lord further in prayer, I soon realized that this moment of the journey, 'the working towards' self-sufficiency, homesteading, and the farming is what we were called to share about. It was not the ending of the journey, when things are tidy and running smoothly. It was about the process of getting there.

And so, A Farmstead Pilgrimage was created.

~In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps. ~Proverbs 16:9 NIV

Glory to the Heavenly Father!

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