Update: Farm Work, Planting, Seeding, Harvesting

Please Note: This was originally posted on Tuesday, April 21. Due to the "Feeder" not updating the post, I pulled this post down, hoping it would 'fix' the problem. I have done some adjusting, and hoping the feeder is working again to catch the updates.

Spring is finally showing itself here with everything coming to life at once. It just does not leave time for leisure activities. Those days will come soon enough, I'm certain.

We have continued to have a loss of our laying hens. We have two hens left. Yikes! Last Tuesday evening after arriving home from our off farm job, we put up electric hot wire around the chicken coop. We moved one of the male Muscovy ducks, whom used to roam freely in this particular area (where the laying hens are being taken from) and put him in an adjoining pen, which is also protected by the hot wire. We need to trim a Doug Fir tree back, so we can run a hot wire around the top fence line, in case 'something' is climbing into this area.

Our pastures are springing forth inn life, and it looks as if mowing season for us has begun. The winter grazed pastures had begun an uneven growth, so we moved the pastures to a height of six inches and then drug them with a harrow, spreading out any mole hills (mounds of dirt) and the cut grass. By doing this in the past, we have found it seems to invigorate the pastures, making them stronger and increases nutrients in the grass. In a few days, the green grass will be standing straight and tall.

We moved our mobile duck house over to another spot, as the area they were sitting on, is being prepared for a small grain growing plot. Although we do not have land enough to 'farm' on a larger scale, we will use what we have and learn from it. We have never grown grains before and need to be able to watch the process of the seed life cycle, to become familiar with it.

Below is a list (for my reference) of what was accomplished the past few days:
2- types carrot direct seeded into garden
3-types peas direct seeded
Strawberries- weeded
Garlic- started weeding
Till growing plots
Stacked 1 and 1/4 cords of firewood

More seeds started:
Straw flower
Broccoli: Waltham
2-types Cabbage
4-types Onions
Swiss Chard: 'Rhubarb' from Seeds of Change
Beets: Detroit Dark
Spinach: Bloomsdale
Cauliflower: Snowball Self Blanching
Sunflowers: variety

We also spent 1 1/2 hours fixing the fence line, where the ditch company burned the grass on our property, which had opened up holes under our fence.

The photo above is of our April 'Chive' harvest. We chop these up into a small size and dehydrate. Since we prepare the majority of our foods from scratch, we add our own seasonings. By preparing our foods from scratch, we are able to control what 'things' are in our foods. An example would be eliminating preservatives, hydrogenated fats, MSG, artificial flavorings, etc. I rely heavily on certain herbs for 'seasonings', as well as medicinal uses. Herbs are amazing plants! One of our Heavenly Father's greatest provisions! And we give 'Thanks' for them!

Have a great day!

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