Thoughts of my lifestyle now...

It is the close of the sixth month, of the year 2009. Where have the days all gone? What have I been doing!

Well, I'll share the secret to my lack of posting. I've been experiencing what it is like to provide for our needs, and manage an off farm job at the same time. These two purposes seem to collide with opposite objectives. It is very wearisome. I grow tired of it and long for a change.

I really love the self-sufficient way of life. It is fulfilling and challenging at the same time. It makes one be accountable. There is no way to cheat or steal from it. It makes you look at life, and focus on what is important.

In the short time we have been working at becoming self-sufficient, it has brought me face to face with a strong desire to never return to the way I lived before. This way of life, which one must provide as much as possible for themselves, is real. There is nothing phony about it.

Each day, outside of my world here, society deepens itself in destruction. Corruption abounds further. I experience more and more people acting outwardly in anger and hate. Relationships with people are surface. No one dares to be transparent. People are out of touch with themselves as well as their surroundings. It is a strange world to me anymore.

Photo of: Dianthis or commonly known as Mini Carnations from my garden. The scent of cloves is heavenly.

As I have been able to disconnect from the ways of society, my life here, on this small piece of land has become sweeter. In this new routine of living, I no longer seek after that missing link that used to drive me each day.

I rejoice having found this new freedom. A freedom to live a way of life, that many in society deem as lowly and too much work.

Enjoy the day!


Tracy said...

Hello Kris
I too am finding less time to blog even though winter is less busy in the garden. I don't have any regrets for making this lifestyle choice and revel in the loveliness of each day. Your dianthus are delightful, I can imagine their scent.

Fine Linen said...

I agree with you on the knowing that freedom your talking about. What seem to such hard work, and lowly life to some has become the most wonderful and filling to us. We so long to get back out on our acreage. Thank you for sharing dear friend.
Peace and Grace to you and yours.

small farm girl said...

I'm glad someone put my feelings into words. I have a job outside of my farm too. I always come home in a bad mood. I don't want that lifestyle anymore either. Keep up the good work.

Kelle said...

Found your blog via one of my followers, what a blessing!

We've been living this way for over two decades. It never gets dull and it is ALWAYS fufilling and full of blessings. Even the hard times are a blessing, if not for the very reason, that they make us more aware of the daily blessing we take for granted otherwise.

We'll be following you and we understand the lack of blogging. It's a challenge here as well because our first choice is to be outdoor enjoying all of the Lord's creation.

Blessings from,
The Never Done Farm

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Thank You to Tracy, Fine Linen, Small Farm Girl, and Kelle for your kind comments. I enjoyed reading your thoughts.

Blessings to all!