Last Hike Before the Snow...Part 2

These are the final photos of our last hike.

Photo above:

On the otherside of this grassy area is a deep ravine. The mountains continue on and on, as far as you can see. Some of the mountain peaks are 8,000 feet tall.

Photo above:

This photo is looking down into another ravine. There is a small pond that is frozen below. I told my husband, 'I'd sure like to climb down there, to get a closer look'. He said we should not, as it was quit steep and icy.

Photo above: Crossing the ridge top.

Photo above: Evidence of harsh weather conditions.

Photo above: Looking off to the west from the ridge top.

Photo above: Endless mountains. Road to summit.

I hope you enjoyed a part of my world.


lisa said...

Oh what beautiful pictures....Thank you for sharing...Lisa

Kelle said...

Thanks for the view, it was breath taking! In your first post on the hike, I love the lunch you packed, it was right up my alley*wink*
We enjoy your blog and you'll see us again and again.

May your weekend be full of special blessings
Blessings from,
The Never Done Farm

All Natural Mama said...

So pretty!