December's Thoughts...

December has arrived and I am behind on a list of things I wanted to have completed by now. Last year at this time, we decided to move our daily life to another level of living. We knew when we decided to take this next step of providing more of our needs, time would become an opponent. I had hoped by now, that my daily life would allow some rest from such a busy year. It is not appearing to happen.

We had steady rain fall the last three weeks of November. November was a hard month for me, in regards to accomplishing things. The dark clouds, short days, and rain seem to take my energy away.

As I write this now it is snowing again. Although my husband and I eagerly take the cold and snowy weather over the rain, this cold, dark weather does have us eagerly yearning for spring already.

Over the Thanksgiving week, we had house guests from Wednesday through Sunday. Wow! That was alot of meal preparation, washing dishes, and more meal preparation and more washing dishes. The guests were amazed at the great tasting meals, which were made entirely from scratch ingredients. They also did comment how much time I spent in the kitchen preparing the meals. Yes, it was often.

When it was time for our guests to leave, I asked if they would like to take home a loaf of bread, a few fresh eggs, and a few goodies to eat for their long drive home. Yes, Yes, Yes was the reply.

After our guests had left, I was back in the kitchen making another batch of bread for the coming week. It was then, I realized how easy it has become for me, to make bread from scratch. At that moment, I had a glimpse back in time, when I used to have some anxiety when it came to bread making. I've worked my way through rock hard, bricks of bread; under baked bread; bread dough that would rise and look promising, then once in the oven fall under the heat; bread dough that would not rise at all, and bread that crumbles apart when slicing after it has cooled.

Although our way of life right now is tiresome, I truly do believe this way of life gets far better with time and practice, just like making bread from scratch.

100% Whole Wheat Seed Bread

Enjoy your day!


The Lord your God is with you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing. Zephaniah 3:17 niv


Mr. H. said...

One of the things I have come to realize over the years is just how much more I can appreciate every bite of food when I have had to plant, grow, harvest, and then cook it. There was a time when I took food granted, not any more. It is a tiresome task, but so very real...perhaps as God intended it to be.

Now if I could just learn to roll a quesadilla round instead of square.:) Your bread looks so good I can almost smell it from my part of Idaho.

Fine Linen said...

Hello friend,
Glad to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We were blessed right before Thanksgiving with the wonderful news of Lord willing a new addition to our family this July. We're so amazed and just rejoicing in this gift from the Lord. Stay warm friend, and many blessings to you.

small farm girl said...

That is so true. But, it is hard not to slip back to the old way. Reading blogs like yours gives me a boost in the right direction.

lisa said...

Kris, It was so nice to hear about your Thanksgiving. Time is flying by and Christmas is upon us..Our Christmas is so different as well as the way we are living is different..Simple but yet so nice.One thing I have learned is I love making homemade food from scratch and as we go into the New Year I am yearning to learn new things.My main goal is to make our own bread. Well new kinds of bread..Told my husband books are my joy. You know years ago before they start all this stuff by adding chemicals in our foods no one had cancer. I trully believe it's our food that makes us ill..anyways I can go on and on about that...I am so glad that I have a husband who is willing to go down the same road as I do..

Enjoy the holiday season and may your New Year be filled with many many Blessings..Lisa

mommyx12 said...

Your bread looks wonderful. I have been baking bread for my family for at least 15 years and I still haven't figured out how to make a loaf. So, they get rolls instead because my loaves always falls apart.