Wool Knitted Hats... An Update...

Before the days got too far ahead of me, I wanted to follow up on the knitted wool hats, my husband has completed. He enjoys knitting, and has just about knitted up all the commercially spun wool yarn we have.

When we purchased our sheep, the breeder told us that men were actually thought to be the first knitters. The breeder also showed us a sweater her husband knitted. It was a wonderful inspiration to see.

The hats below are in the order my husband knitted them. With each hat below he decided to change the look by changing stitches.

~100% Peruvian Highland Wool ~Worsted Weight~
Two Tone Purple with Heathered Green

This three tone purple hat below is my favorite right now. I asked him to make another hat which was made in purple tones with a flat brim edge rather than rolled. I also wanted the hat felted. I think it turned out especially great, since I think this is only hat number four.

~100% Peruvian Highland Wool~ Worsted Weight~
Three Tone Purple Hat Felted

The hat below is his first Romney wool hat. He said the Romney wool yarn is very different to work with compared to the 100% Peruvian Highland Wool, Worsted Weight. The Romeny wool is also slicker to handle compared to the Puruvian Wool, making it easier to accidently slip off the knitting needles, if not paying attention.

The Romney wool below is our own hand spun. The burgundy color was purchased already dyed in a roving. Once the burgundy wool was spun, I plied it with a single strand of the silver Romney wool, making it a two tone yarn.

He is at a standstill with the knitted hat below, due to my being behind on getting some wool spun up. Yikes!

~100% Natural Colored Silver Romney Wool~
~100% Natural Colored Silver Romney Wool Plied with Burgundy~

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rhonda jean said...

Hello Chris, your hats are lovely! I really like your burgundy and silver wool as well. I can see Hanno wearing that well.

Merry Christmas dear Chris. I hope you and your family have a good year in 2010.