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NOTE: This post is very late. It was written back in January, but due to my lack of computer time, and two 'extended' family illnesses, it was not posted. I hope to get back to posting in a much more timely manner. Thank you for your kind comments.

The early morning air was cool and the ground frosty white. The day after Christmas, December 26, 2009. Morning chores were done quickly. After a bowl of hot oatmeal, we loaded the 1-ton diesel with things needed. Books, food, a jug of water, dogs, and music CD's. We prepared for the long day.

We had searched and searched for many years. My husband spent many nights after work, searching 'For Sale' advertisements in newspapers and Craig's List. This was one piece of equipment we needed before we could make our move.

After a long five hour drive one way, we finally arrived at the livestock trailer sales lot. The outside temperatures were just above freezing. Thankfully the sun was sharing its warmth, and we were very grateful for that.

The advertised trailer my husband had found was in our price range, and loaded with special features that an experienced horse enthusiast would appreciate. However, after looking over the trailer, we found it not to be in the same condition, we were told on the phone.

We asked if they had any other 4-horse trailers on the lot. 'Yes', the salesman replied, 'I have two others to look at'. To our surprise, this sales lot had the exact horse trailer my husband and I had decided upon many years ago.

Because my husband and I live very differently now, our outlook on life is unlike years ago, when I was involved heavily in training and showing horses. Though we do not own horses now, they are certain to enter back into our lives.

So the reasoning for our decision on the type of trailer was based on our lifestyle now. What our our needs? Today our lives are not about 'wants', nor are they 'just horses' anymore. We were looking for an aluminum trailer that would accomodate our life today, as well as the horses in our future.

The sheep and goats will trailer fine in their own herds, but horses can be a bit more finicky. Not all horses like each other, and from our experience a horse being trailered with a divider between the next horse is more apt to be an un-injured horse.

'07 Exiss CX400

Photo Above: Rear view, four horse with tack room on right side.

Above Photo: Kris opening the door, and Riley checking out the inside of stock area.

Photo Above: Riley giving his approval of the inside of the trailer.

Photo Above: Horse stall dividers are all open, but not removed.

Another option we liked about this trailer is being able to completely remove the dividers out of the trailer,simply and without the fear of loosing a finger. Removing the dividers in some brands of trailers can be a big hassle and somewhat dangerous if you don't get a good hold on the spring that holds the divider. This trailer is also lined with rubber mats on the floor and walls.

Photo Above: Escape door on left side. 'This trailer is gigantically tall!'

Photo Above: 'Oh look, our first volunteer's for the test ride'. They gave their approval of the trailer.

Lily (age 10) on left and Riley (age 9) on right. Pembroke Welsh Corgi's.

Photo Above: Tack room shown with screen door.

This has been a very interesting journey for us to experience, thus far. What began with eggs and vegetables selling from our small farm, has found us branching into self-sufficient homesteading. We LOVE it! The changes we have made, once we have been able to break free of the mainstream mindset, have been a true blessing. They have even been life saving.

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Give Thanks to the Lord, for He is good; his love endures forever. Psalm 107:1 niv


Bluebell Country said...

What a wonderful trailer.
So glad to hear from you, and that your doing well!!
Be blessed friend, Fine Linen

Mrs. T said...

I'm so happy that you're back to posting, and very thankful for the Lord's mercy in bringing you through those illnesses. Although fairly new to your blog, I think that I have read every one of your archived posts! It's a joy to come here and read about your homesteading life (smile).

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Hi Fine Linen!

Thank you for stopping by. Praying all is well your way!

Blessing to you and your family!


A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Hello Mrs. T and welcome here! [grin]

Your comments are all too kind, and make me blush. I'm glad your finding enjoyment in reading.

I look forward to visiting with you.

Have a wonderful day!


Mrs. T said...

I would just like to add a big thank you for the comments you left on my blog! I will look forward to your next post...

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Mrs. T,

Your quite welcome! [grin]

Have a wonderful day!