Vegetable Update and More...

Greetings to Each of You! Thank you for stopping by for a quick visit. I enjoy your company.

The sun showed its promise very early in the morning of very agreeable temperatures for us. Finally warmth! We are so grateful!

Our weather has continued to be on the cool, dark side for the most part. We have sat in heavy fog just about every morning since June. Not the normal expected weather pattern for this time of year. The fog does burn away usually about noon, thankfully, but the day's temperatures do not get much about 68 degrees F.

We have a lot of mold this year on our berries. Our harvest for berry fruits this year is very minimal. We will have a harvest of about one quarter of what is normal. As it is looking right now, our over all growing plot production is extremely low compared to the last five years. Our oat harvest looks to be none, due to mold also.

It took three times of seeding green beans, before they germinated. At this time, we are unsure if there will be any green beans to harvest. It all depends on how long the frost holds off.

Our sweet corn also does not look promising for harvest either. We planted later in June, again due the coldness. Without the sun's rays to warm the soil, it grew extremely slow, almost appearing to be in a dormant state. What was useful for us to observe with the corn was the fact that the leaves never yellowed or died off. There showed no signs of nutrient deficiency or stress, despite the weather. The leaves were very strong green color. We view the health of the plants to be our responsibility, and the weather is left up to the Lord.

The tomatoes that were planted outside have finally grown into nice busy plants, but no fruits, just blossoms. Everything appears to be about a month and a half behind normal harvest times.

At times, I have felt twinges of disappointment, as I watch the plants struggle to grow into their fruitful producing state, all the while keeping an eye on the calendar, as the ~potential~ warm growing season begins to come to a close. There is nothing we can do, but wait to see what the end of the season brings.

We continue in ~Thankfulness~ for this opportunity of learning.

I also understand very strongly, that this low producing year is a realization of what we will be faced with once we move. We have been gifted this land in which we live right now, as a wonderful learning and confidence building setting.

On another note, towards the end of July, I apprehensively enrolled into school. Yes, it's official now. I received my books at the beginning of August, and I have begun the studies! I am a bit overwhelmed about the amount of reading that is required, as it is ALOT! Nevertheless, I have found it to be interesting, so that helps tremendously.

I received an unexpected note from the Romney breeder we purchased our sheep from. The note said they had two smaller framed black ewes in need of a home. Oh what a note to read, just as I had registered for school! 'Keep your eyes on the horizon', I tell myself. Reading the note certainly caused heavy turmoil between my heart and mind. It was a difficult several days after I wrote back declining the offer. I must keep full focus, and not get side tracked by WOOL! ~grin~

It is time to end this post, as there is broccoli to blanch and several pages of book reading ahead of me tonight.

Enjoy the day!


Not to us, O'Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, because of your loving kindness, because of your truth. Psalm 115:1 nasb


Mr. H. said...

I don't envy you your weather, our season started out much the same but we finally got some sunshine and should have an ok harvest this year. I think that you are right though in that we learn much more from hardships than from the other. Hopefully next year will be a much better garden year for you..

Congratulations and know that we wish you the best of luck with school.

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Hello Mr. H!

I'm very glad your getting a decent harvest this year.

Our temperatures this morning were a whopping 45F degrees ...Yikes!

I also noticed this morning a few small tomatoes on the bushes. A renewed hope for something in the freezer.

Yes indeed, at least we can always hope for a better 'next' year.

'Warm Hello' to the 'Mrs.'!

Have a blessed day!