Our New Year's Eve Night...
December 31, 2010

There was no snow on New Year's Eve here.  The temperatures were in the low 20's. 
We decided to have a bonfire anyway. 

The sky was clear, so we could see the stars.  
 The fire was warm.
It was a relaxing night.  

The food was delicious! 
Our favorite dish for celebrating.  Full of vegetables from our farm: carrots, onions, sweet peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, corn, various herbs: Thyme, Cayenne, Oregano, and Dill.
~Vegetable Herb Cake~ 

To continue our celebrating, 

the next day,  January 1, 2011

we headed to the mountains for half a day of snowshoeing.
The snow pack was 81 inches. 

We were blessed with beautiful sunny weather! 
Temperatures were in the 20's. 

Once we got walking and out into the sun,
 the gloves and jacket had to come off.
You can give yourself a good workout
hiking straight up the side of the mountain.  (grin)

Hubby is taking a break in the sun, watching snowboarders. 
We find them interesting to watch. 

There were alot of snowboarders, down hill skiers,
cross country skiers, tubing, and snowshoers.
The masses of people were unexpected to us. 

Grooming a trail for cross country skiers...

Or... maybe it was actually for the downhill skiers we saw... (which were crazier than the snowboarders),  they were skiing off the side of a very steep grade of the mountain, dodging trees.  Crazy! 

 This trail would give the down hill skiers a path to walk back up out of the gully, once the groomer makes it to the bottom.  Some of the skiers had snowshoes strapped to their packs, and once they skied down, they took their ski's off and put the snowshoes on to walk up the hillside in the deep snow.   We also saw some skiers who 'walked' (without snowshoes) up out of the gully.
Those people were pretty tired once they got to the top.  The thrill of skiing off the mountain side must have been well worth it, because we saw them do this several times. 

I can't wait for our next outing! 

Enjoy your day!


Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. 1 Corinthians 16:13 nasb


Mrs. Mac said...

Our bonfire pit is still under snow. It would be lovely to sit out in the winter under the stars with the warmth of the fire. Your snow shoe outing was on such a nice sunny day .. very good exercise.

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Hi Mrs. Mac!

In the past we have not taken much 'time out' to just do 'fun' or 'relaxing' things. We have been on a learning wave for the last five years. That will be changing this year. We plan to relax alot more this year... it's about time. (grin)

Thanks for your thoughts.

Blessings to you and your family!


Toyin O. said...

Wow, what an adventure, thanks for sharing.

Jane said...

Looks like you are having lot's of winter fun! I am following your blog, you are welcome to follow mine as well. Blessings jane

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Hi Toyin O.
I hope your having a good winter season!
God Bless!

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Hi Jane!

Yes, we are trying to do more 'fun' things this winter.

Thank you for following!