This past week
~Driving out of town, after work~

we were granted cold and snow (lowest temp. 17 degrees and 7" snow) once again.  The snowy weather and low temperatures do not last long, which is nice when you have to be away from home all day.  Coming home to a cold house is not enjoyable to me.  However, about an hour after the wood stove has been lit, the temperature inside our house finally warms to 65 degrees, and my outlook improves.

Fire starting in the wood stove is the priority when we first arrive home during the fall, and winter months. 

Unloading the empty lunch containers into the sink, leaves me with a sink full of dishes to tend to, before I get the evening meal started.  Dinner is a last priority.

A tribe of companions eagerly but politely wait, pacing amongst my feet, making their presence known, as I dish up each bowl of kibble.

In the laundry room, warm water is filling 5 gallon buckets to carry out to the ducks, goats, and sheep during these freezing temperature days.  Chicken waters are emptied and feeders brought inside until the next morning. 

While the water is still filling, I gather some herbs to give to one of our aged doe's who has blood in her urine.     

I help shovel pathways again tonight, as it is too much for my hubby to do alone right now.  He restocks firewood on the back porch for use through the night and in the morning.

Tiredness doesn't fully hit me until I walk into the dark, but warm house.  I receive a blessing that lifts my spirits and lessens my tiredness.  I love this time of day.
 There is a peace that I feel at this moment.  

I love the blue hue of this natural light. 

~Looking out dining room window~
(Ignore the date. It's incorrect.)

~Our barn~ 
(photo grainy due to window screen)

~Spinning Wheel~

I pray you have a wonderful day!

Thank you for stopping by!

Blessings to each of you!


P.S.  This entry was written Friday night.  I did not have enough time to get it blogged.

Pray without ceasing.   1 Thessalonians 5:17


Sonya said...

It is interesting reading about your routine. It has to be tiring, but yet fulfilling. I enjoy reading.

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Hi Sonya!

Thank you for reading.

I like your photo icon!

Have a great day!