Untimely or is it...

(Kris, heading down the side of the mountain)

 to share a few photos of day two,
snow shoeing on
January 2, 2011.

(Yep, that is me)

Since snow is being forecasted on Thursday here,
I don't think these are too out of season to share.

(me, again)

The sky continued to be clear and bright! 
The temperatures were not as cool as the day before. 

The camera did not capture the overall beauty.
And for that I'm sorry I can not share.
The blue in the back of this photo is a shadow of
mountains, trees, and river.

We hiked around on top of the mountain at first,
and then decided to follow a goat trail down the side of the mountain.

Taken by the beauty of the scenery,
we were unaware of how far we were walking down
this trail, until we stopped and looked back.

Wow! We had gone along ways!

We both agreed we should turn back,
 as it was a long ways to the top.

(My hubby, hiking up)

We did not take any photos going down the trail,
as we were concentrating on where we were
going to take our next steps.

There was melting snow in some areas,
so we had to be aware of where we were stepping.

A wrong step, and we could  find ourselves
in a dangerous situation.

(Hubby, taking in the view across the way)

Sometimes as I was walking down the steep trail
my snowshoes did not grasp into the icy snow,
and my foot would slip.

It only took a couple of times of that action
before I decided to pay full attention to
the placement of my feet, as well as
making sure my pole on the outer ledge 
of this trail was good and stable
when I took a step.

Although you can not get a good feel from the photo above,
this is a vertical 100 foot plus drop off
on the trail.

The trail in this area was very narrow, 
as there had been a land slide right here.
 At this section, we really were
walking the width of a narrow goat trail.

The photo above is of my hubby
at the top of the mountain
where our truck was parked.

Just a pretty mountain view,
don't you think?

Thank you for stopping by for a visit, and viewing our snowshoe walk.


God saw all that He made, and behold, it was very good... Genesis 2:31a  (nasb)


cathy@home said...

Wow that is such an amazing view there so many breathtaking places to see

Mr. H. said...

Looks like a beautiful place and day for a hike, nic eto get away from the things of man for a while isn't it.:)

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...


Yes, the views are wonderful.
We seem to be able to loose the harried pace, once we arrive in the mountains.


A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Mr. H,

Indeed! This area has become almost like a sanctuary for us.


leaves and blossoms said...

What a beautiful place! And the snow looks wonderful...how fun to walk in snow shoes!! I'd love to try that some day...X