It's been way too long!  Being on line has had to take a back seat to my daily life.  As of late my days blur together.  I can no longer keep track of what I did just yesterday.  It doesn't matter.  I keep my focus forward, marching upward.

Here are a few pic's to share of the 'happenings' since I last posted. 

~A late in the day, unplanned, quick hike, at the end of May, 2011.~
~ A favorite spot of mine! ~
~1880's local homestead cabin~

~Looking through our east living room window in early June, 2011.~

~Lily-12 yo (left)  Riley- 11 yo (right)~
~Pembroke Welsh Corgi's~

~This year, they started showing their old age.~
~They have always been high energy dogs.~
~Much more laying around, slower and stiffer to stand up and move.~
~My heart drops when I see them feeling so old.~

~Our Barley crop~
~July, 2011~

~May, 2011~
~Trip to Montana~
~Seeking Land~
~Rain, cold, lots of flooding~
~Photo taken through windshield~
~Montana Barn, I-90~

~Romney Natural Color Wool~
~LOVE the color!~

~Awaiting picking, then into the carder.~
~My continuous project this summer.~

~4th of July Pass~
~I-90 Idaho~
~One day hope to stop here.~
~July, 2011~
~Photo taken through windshield~

~CVM Sheep~
~American Romeldale~
~Reflection Farm~

~Black Sheep Gathering,~
~Eugene Oregon~
~June 2011~

~Hoping to add to my flock~
~Their wool is wonderfully soft to the skin!~

~Montana Homestead~
~July, 2011~

~Natural Color Romney Wool from my girls~
~Sorting the colors of wool-- within part of one fleece~
~Piles of dark gray, then lighter gray~

~My continued summer project~

~Antique Swap Meet~
~ Finds cost $6~
~Brooks, OR~
~June, 2011~

~Montana, North I-15~
~Photo taken through windshield~
~Seeking land~
~July, 2011~

~Waiving 'Hello' to all~
~Idaho friends, as we pass through.~
~Snow and rain mixed weather~

~May, 2011~
~Photo taken through windshield~

~Montana Barn~
~Gold Creek~

~Seeking Land~
~May, 2011~

~Lolo National Forest~
~I-90- Montana~
~May, 2011~

~Trying to get more time on the wheel,~
~when I'm not exhausted in the evenings.~
~20 minute minimum time commitment, usually lasting into 45 minutes.~

~Wool Types~
  ~From left: Silver Gray, Natural Color Romney (one of my girls) blended with Alpaca.~
~White: Romney-Targee cross (local purchase)~
~Black: Alpaca (local purchase)~
~Light Gray: Natural Color Romney (mine) blended with the purchased Romney-Targee~
~Getting the feel of each!~

I realize I have not included any photo's of the current state of our growing plots.  It's not done intentionally, just can't find them very quick in the 368 photo's I have taken since my last blog post.  Yikes!   I've got to get a handle on all of this, before things get too far out of control.  The veggies are doing good, except the corn, again.  Weather is just too cool and cloudy still.  Our highs are averaging 68 degrees.   We could sure use some warm weather.  Can you folks in the mid-west send some my way?

Until next time,


For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12  nasb


Mr. H. said...

Wow, 4th of July Pass, sounds like you drove right by our place...well sort of.:) Hope you found what you were looking for in beautiful Montana. Sounds like you have been very busy this summer.

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Hi Mr. H!

Yes, it has been kind of crazy actually. Juggling many tasks. We have kept our nose to the grind stone wwwwaaaay to looong... life was starting to not be enjoyable anymore.

We figure we've done our homework and prepping, and are continuing down that path of learning, so it's ok to have a bit of fun now and then.

Interestingly, we were very unsure if we should be venturing out while fuel prices are so high, but so far so good. We were getting between 18-20 miles to the gallon in our big truck, to MT. PTL!

We have found a couple land spots, but nothing we are really fixed on yet. We are not rushing this, we don't want to make a mistake. Too easy. Really have to dig deep for info, people don't always tell the truth, unfortunately.

Thanks for your thoughts, enjoy hearing from you!

Blessings to you and your family!