It's been two weeks since I've ridden.  Our neighbors (the people I ride for) were out of town.  It was a good time to get caught up on the routine springtime things.  Shearing, seed starting, trimming the Doug Fir Trees,  harvesting herbs, catching up on school work, bringing in new soil to the greenhouse, and making Rhubarb Ginger Jam. 

My life is already full, and riding kind of takes it over the edge.  But riding and being around the horses is good for me right now. I am very grateful to have this opportunity to ride.

The horses, 'Sonny' and 'Danny' are back home now.  It is very good to see them in the field, when we drive pass in the morning on our way to work.  And it is equally good, if not better, to see them when we return home during the evening.  It has not even been a year yet, since I've been back to riding.  July marks a year.  I told 'T' we will have to celebrate.

Last night Mr. G. (the neighbor) called and asked if I wanted to ride Wednesday after work.  I of course said, 'Yes!'  I was excited all day today.  I could not wait to get home and go riding.  The horses were really fresh. Soon, Sonny settled back into his old self, of not putting forth more energy than needed. Danny however, was a handful the whole time.  It was quite a lively and fast paced ride.

I thought I'd take my camera along, and see if I could capture a bit of the trail ride.  I had to take him off the trail to do this, as he continually wanted to dive his head down and eat the grass.  Even off the trail, he wanted to head for the lush green grass.  He could feel that I was riding one handed, and tried to take advantage of it.  Smart horse! 

This was my first time trying to video while walking on horseback.  Maybe it gives you a little feel what the ride was like. 

Until next time,
Enjoy the day!


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