It has been a long time, no?  

Flower Cutting Garden in full bloom.
July, 2012

Too long for me.  It is hard to know where to begin.  Looking back from where I left off,  everything seems like a blur.    There never was a moment for me, to wonder what to do next with my time.  

Woodshed filled 10 plus cords of Doug Fir
June, 2012

The two loads of logs we received this spring, took until the end of June to get it into manageable and  stackable pieces for the wood shed.  After working our town jobs, we would work into dusk, bucking those logs. It seemed to take forever. I'd roll the rounds out after they were cut from the log pile and line them up. It was physically hard work for me.  At one point, I really thought we were never going to get this wood into the woodshed before summer was over.  I was tired of the noise from the chainsaw, the smell of the two-cycle exhaust, the bark, the rats (yes, we found two nests in two of the logs), and all that sawdust!  

In the beginning after receiving our loads, "T" juggled bucking our logs, and the logs our neighbor, as Mr K's chainsaw quit running. There is nothing so overwhelming, as to stand in front of a dump truck load of logs with a non-running chainsaw.   Eventually, an idea came to "T", that Mr. K could use our chainsaw during the day, while we were at work.  It worked out very well.      

Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, I did not take any pictures of what looked to me as a place of chaos amongst the wood cutting.  I think I did not want to be reminded of the big mess.  You see, I like to have orderliness when I do things, even if it is a messy task. Although we were far from being done, I began raking the sawdust and picking up bark.  Oh what a difference it made for me, from that point forward.

India (on the left) and Irish
outside on the back porch.
July, 2012


For quite a while, we had been praying for a rooster.  A Buff Orphington in particular.  We wanted the rooster as a chick, that we could raise along with our pullets.  Living where we live, where the country folk are slim in finding, and the city folk are in abundance, it is not easy to achieve. We have been wanting to start our own flock of laying hens and raise our own meat.  Since trying various breeds of hens and roosters, we liked the Buff Orphington, and had read the roosters are known to be pretty gentle too. 

Buff Orphington Pullets & Barred Rock Pullet
Spring, 2012

So this spring, we purchase two Buff Orphington pullets, and two Barred Rock pullets from the feed store.  Or so we thought. 

Buff Orphington Pullet
Spring, 2012

If there is one thing I have learned in this journey of self sufficiency, is that God answers prayers in His timing.  But maybe not how we actually desire. The ending result is what we needed.
Well, kind of. 

Our Barred Rock Rooster, with his hens.
August, 2012
He is, so far,  kind to his hen's, and watches over them well.  We don't tolerate overly aggressive roosters.  At least not anymore.  Unfortunately, he is aggressive towards me...but not "T".  I carry a long stick when I go into the pen.  I tell him to get within my reach, as I've got a hunger for some homegrown fried chicken.  lol

Mountain Hike Scene
July, 2012

We did not hike near the amount we would have liked to this past year.  However,  I do have a few more pictures I will share later.

His Hat!
August, 2012


Finally "T" got to begin working on his homegrown hat while relaxing at the Bull River Campground in Montana.  Wow,  it seems to have taken me months and months to get his wool colors gathered, washed, picked, carded, spun, and plied.  He wanted dark brown and gray.  Natural colors. Finished pictures to come.  Boy, is it a warm and rugged hat.


My favorite flower this summer.
An Aster variety.
Grown from seed, and enjoyed in my bouquets
 both at home and work.
July, 2012

Homegrown Romney Wool
Almost ready for another project.
July, 2012
Until next time,

Blessings to each of you,
Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. But you said, "We will not walk in it." Jeremiah 6:16 niv

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