Since we don't have TV reception, we listen to the radio.  I thought I'd be able to listen tonight for the election results.  But I was getting too tense.  I turned it off. 
  Life will carry on as it has,
 and we will just have to figure out how to survive, 
just as we have in the last four years. 
Since May of 2012, I no longer ride for Mr. G.
Various reasons.
 I did hurt my lower back, in November 2011 riding one of the horses.
My mind said "Do this", and my body said "No way".
  In all my 30 years riding, I have never had a back injury,
 and had never experienced such great pain.
That saying is true:
"If you don't use it, you will loose it".

Aster, Snapdragon, Status, Mint, Zinnia

One of many...
Summer 2012 Bouquet

India, Summer 2012
Enjoying "Outside".

Hwy 200 North, Montana

View from Bull River Camp ground.

Weather: hot, rain showers, sun, then sticky warmth.
Very enjoyable!

Sweet, Sweet, Ike!
AKA: "Misty"

He was terribly abused and neglected, before we adopted him.
He is still fearful of much. 
He spends his days and nights, under the bed or in the closet. 
 Doesn't venture out much.

He is very healthy now and quietly happy.

One of my many bridles.
 I used on Danny, when I rode him.
I like how he felt in it.
I liked how he responded. 
Much more relaxed.
He liked it too.

A quick stained glass design.

July, 2012

In September, we had to put in a new wood stove.
Our other one, (same brand, Lopi) was completely worn out.
Sixteen years of hard use.
The metal inside the firebox was cracked.  It was not safe anymore.

We installed the new one ourselves.
We were both very glad when it was over and done.
It was a heavy job.

"T" also installed the rock wall, and put up a mantle... 
 just for me.  
 ~I was/still am elated!~

 He/we had never have done any thing like this before.
It turned out really well.
We are grateful.

~Tack room~

An impromptu riding lesson, February, 2012

I showed up to ride at the barn...

 Mr. G. says: "Guess what?"

I say: "What?"

Mr. G. says: "Your going to take a riding lesson today!"

I say (Exclaiming): "What?!"

Mr. G. says: "Yes, I've been talking with "J",

"I want you to learn how to teach Danny"

to stop like she does it."

 Don't worry, I am paying."

Needless to say, I did not want to do it...
I was too rusty,
 I was out of shape physically,
I was not mentally ready,
 I was...
the list could go on and on...

I tried to talk him into taking the lesson, and I'd just watch from the rail.

Let me also add here...
accomplished horsemen or horsewomen, don't just take lessons from 'Whomever'. 
Usually a person, picks the person to learn from.

  I did not know "J", at all.

Shortly I mounted up, and began warming Danny up...

Along the rail of the arena... 

"Oh heck, I've ridden in front of masses." I said to myself.
 I just sucked it up, learned, and rode.

In the end, I learned the reason for my taking the lesson, and not Mr. G....
He doesn't like to take lessons in front of other people. 
I understand.

 I've been there and done that.

Eventually, you get over caring what other people think about you,

and just ride!

I did,
and it worked out fine.

Well, I need to close up here, and try to get some much needed reading for school.  I am so far behind.
Until next time,

Blessings to you,

I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile.      Romans 1:16 niv


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