Stepping back in gently...

Finding our way back... to things known.

Force has changed our path... for a while.

However, we refuse to give up... easily!

We can quit this life when tragedy strikes, or we can fight like hell to keep the focus...

When you are on your knees, life can begin to escalate into a downward channel,
 with no way back up.

Your frame of mind is muddled.

Tragedy when it brings you to your knees... will change you as a person.

Which way do we want to go?

The decisions are yours.

Yours alone!

So we will start again...

Except not from the beginning.

We have come to recognize, even louder now, that our personal nature is such that we are not quitters.  

We won't break and yield.

May we have the strength and courage
 to meet head-on,
 the trials and hardships
that are brought before us.

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